Two birds in ten
minutes with
your purple
heart slate call.  
We're coming
back for more!

The Purple Heart Slate you
made me is the only call I
bring into the woods!  I called
in two long beards to the gun
barrel within 10 minutes of
each other.

Frank - New Jersey
p.s. Tony was the other
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           I met you at the NWTF convention this year and
purchased the unique slate call which proved itself on my
second day of the spring season here in Tennessee. It was
an absolutely picture perfect hunt. Your call helped me close
the deal on this bird with some soft clucks and purrs, as the
stutter worked his way down a logging road toward my decoy
setup. I really appreciate the fine craftsmanship of your
calls…..and obviously they take turkeys!!

Taken 4/5/2011 at 10:00am
Weight: 21 pounds
Double beard: 9 & 4 inches
Spurs: 1 inch

Thanks- Rodney Croteau
Decent Tom Harvested by Tyler Griffith taken with a bow
on the first day of April of the spring 2011 season. The
Tom was taken at 12 yards from a ground blind near the
Platte river in Central Nebraska. The Tom was called
into a set of “Floozy” hen decoys with a Oakridge
custom scratch box and then finished off with an
Aluminum over slate made by Jimmy Schaffer of Oak
Ridge Custom Call. The Toms in the area are not quite
hot enough yet as the winter has been a long one in the
Midwest, but we managed to get one hot ole boy in
close enough to whack him.

Tyler brought his brother in law along with him to the
Platte Valley for the Spring season. Ryan Murphy was
able to Harvest the smaller bird in the same manner
and shortly after the big Tom was taken. Ryan’s kill took
place about 30 seconds after the first tom that Tyler had
shot was flopping around. The younger, smaller bird
went over to the older dying bird and began to rough
him up and show dominance. At that point Ryan
Whacked Him.

The big tom that Tyler Harvested weighed in at 20 lbs. &
5 oz. and the smaller bird that Ryan shot weighed in at
just shy of 16 lbs.

As you can see by the picture that there is a notable
difference in the appearance of the coloration on the
birds. Here in Nebraska we have quite a variation in the
types of turkey that we hunt. We are saying that we
harvested that an Eastern and a Merriam out of the
same flock, seconds apart and about 15 yards apart.
The Boys from Minnesota were feeling good about the
chance to Hunt the Turkeys of the Great State of
Nebraska and will have a tale to tell when returning
home to Minneapolis, Minnesota

A good day in the woods and we are truly blessed and
to have the opportunity to have made the Oakridge
custom call connection. I love that Little Scratch Box
that you put together for me along with Trough that you
made for Tyler. We used the pots to finish the birds off
and  they did work very well!

Thank you Jimmy Schaffer for all you have done to
guide us thru the use of the calls! Keep turning out
those great calls!

Wayne Griffith

Shooters Tyler Griffith & Ryan Murphy

Received the extra calls today and
they sound great.

June 15, 2009
Hey Jim,  Awesome website.    
When I'm fishing and hunting and
turkeys come      up  I'll give   them
the website  and tell them  I killed
2 turkeys last year                              
        with my call that I picked up
from you  in Ohio..

  South Jersey  

He makes the best turkey calls i
have ever seen or heard i ordered
one and then turned around and
ordered   3 more the next day now
i cant wait for the weekend to get
here so i can get them in the
woods thanks jimmy

Thomas Dalton
You must be doing
right.  When you
use your calls       
they come
running.  Anyone
who    reads this
really should give
your    calls a try,
they really do

Ole Man Schaffer
Oak Ridge, New

Thanks for the two calls.   They
look awesome and sound better
than a real hen.

West Milford
New Jersey

Just got the calls in the mail.  
Needless to say they are beautiful!  
I know my friend Mark is gonna
love his.  It's almost too pretty to
use, but I think the lucky feather
will help us bag a big tom......says a
lot about you and your company.  
Thank you again.

Mike Laird
Orion, Michigan
December 12, 2009

Your call works almost everytime
in the field.  Wouldn't be caught
without it in my vest.  Real turkey.

North Carolina

Love your call!  It's got what it
takes in the turkey woods.

Marty Fischer

Best sounding slate I have ever
heard.  Keep up the good work.  
But leave the video camera in the

North Carolina
All I can say is don't change
anything.  A call can't sound any
more real than what you have
done.  Too many birds taken to
count with your calls.


Your call looks
awesome, but
sounds even better.

New Jersey

Thanks for spending the time a few
weeks ago to show us how to
breast and mount the tails of the
two birds we got opening day.  
Drew scored again today and I
called the bird in with your slate
call. It sounded great.  I lost one of
the strikers this morning and
would like to purchase another. It
was the purple heart. We took
some pictures to send into the
photo contest.  It was a great close
to the season.

Paul and Drew Cascais
May 15, 2010

I won the pick of the Flock
Raffle and took your call.  It
is the sweetest sounding
slate and I can't wait for the
spring 2010.  While it is
beautiful, and almost too
nice to take to the field, it
sounds too good not to be
used to seduce a wary old

Tom Muench
Tomah, Wisconsin
December 15, 2009

Just love that Purple
Heart Slate.  Works like
a charm.  Fooled that
big long beard!

New Jersey

Just received your calls yesterday,
they  look  great and sound even
better.    Can’t wait to get out and
try them out.

Thanks again,

Wouldn't go into the woods
without my Oak Ridge Custom Call.  
 Great sounding call.

New Jersey
Not only does your call look
great, but sounds pure "turkey".  

         In 1988 I started competition calling
on the junior                            circuit,  
winning the U. S. Open, 5 Championships,
and runner up in the Grand National
Competition in Nashville.     Jimmy's
Friction calls are the best I have ever
heard  in competition, or in the woods!

Pete Winterberger
Branchville, New Jersey  
That maple trough call is
the only call I need.  Three
for three, all long beards.

New Jersey
I bought an aluminum call at the
NWTF Convention in Atlanta at
the call Making Competition
from Jimmy.  I have used it
turkey hunting  and in the Utah
Calling Competition.  I have won
the State Friction Contest with
his call as one of my calls three
years now.  I also have noticed
that his call will make some
Toms gobble when others
won't.  I really like the black
aluminum call.

Lynn Worwood
Nephi, Utah
February, 2010

Great sounding
calls.  Beautiful
Can't buy calls that
sound like yours at

New Jersey
Jimmy thank you for
making such a beautiful  
walnut slate  call for my
husband.  He   absolutely
 loves the sound.