Well this season was a success.  I
wasn't able to hunt that much, but I
did kill these two gobblers on
opening weekend.  One Saturday
and one on Sunday.  It was a great
weekend!  The first 2 pictures are
of a kid that I took and it was his.   
1st bird ever!  The rest are of my 2
birds.  I actually had my new call in
lmy hand on the first gobbler on
Saturday.  I had to set it down to
grab my gun. Ha Ha.  Thanks so
much for the call...  It sounds
better than any other call I have
ever used!  Everyone else says
the same thing, let alone how
awesome it looks.

Thanks for everything!

Justin from Tennessee
Hey Jim,

Thanks for the wonderful call.  I
hunt public land and these birds
are tough.  Killed this bird the third
week of the season.  This call
allowed me to keep the volume
soft and sweet jus thte way he
liked it.

Thanks again.

Chad from Kentucky
Here is a three year old bird, 20
pound, 11 inch beard.  Killed in
rockingham County, NC.  He fell in
love wit the ceramic pot call.  It
was the first time this call had
been in the woods.  This bird came
from over 400 yards away, it was
unbelievable!  He was killed by
Daniel Hennis.  Caller was Joe

Jimmy,  I hope your previous
clients will invest in this new call
because it is so realistic, crisp,
and the perfect rasp.  It has
definately found a place in my vest


Joe from North Carolina

The call you sent me was exactly
what I was looking for, soft and
true but yet still sharp enough to
reach out there and get em even
in the rain.  The walnut slate over
glass is not only beautiful, it
sounds like a real hen.  I have
called in numerous birds and have
seen 9 harvested to be exact in
just one and a half seasons.  I
have filled my tags both season
with this call and called in many for
my buddies, my favorite thing
about this thing is the fact that it
calls long beards away from hens
and I haven't managed to do that
with any other call.  I like to joke
around and tell people its my lucky
charm, but there's no way I would
even dare to do battle with an
ol'thunder chicken without my oak
ridge.  Thanks again and keep
doing what your doing because it


Dillion from Ohio
Hey Jim,

Heres a picture of my bird for your
competition you do.  Bird was shot
at 9:30 and had a 10 3/4 inch beard
with one inch spurs.  I'm loving the
slate call you made me.   Keep up
the good work and happy hunting.

Evan from Pennyslvania
3 hours after receiving slate pot
from the OakRidge Shop.

Ryan from Alabama