Slate Calls* -  $50.00  and up

These handcrafted custom calls are made one at a        
time with top quality materials such as deep mined        
Pennsylvania slate and hand picked woods both           
domestic and exotic.  These calls can mimic any           
sound a wild turkey makes.  A great all around call.
Aluminum Calls* -   $50.00 and up

If you like a raspy call, this is the call for you!  Like       
the slate call, each call is handcrafted one at a time       
with an anodized aluminum playing surface.   
Glass/Crystal Calls* -  $50.00 and up

You will find these calls a lot higher in pitch tone and    
will get the gobblers to holler back from ridges away,    
but can also be played softly if needed.
Trough Calls* - $45.00 and up

A lot of unhappy gobblers have answered this call.      
You can do most any call, but it's specialty is clucks   
and purrs.
Scratch Boxes* - $25.00 and up

This unique design takes a little practice, but          
once mastered, it too will create all the sounds a    
wild hen turkey makes.
I00% Guarantee - If you are not happy with  one of our calls -
send it back for a full refund.

Most calls shipped within 7 days - all calls are
custom  made to sound real, one at a time!

Call for availability
973-208-9029 - Shop
973-479-3690 - Cell
Your turkey call is custom made one at a time.
Woods vary in price and availability  based on wood            
species.  Not all woods are available  at all times.    
Prices are quoted at time of order depending on                        
woods used.  Please call or email to see woods currently
in stock and we can quote your custom call.  
$5.00*  shipping and handling fee additional on all orders.  
*New Jersey residents add 7% sales tax

Payment methods:  Personal checks, Money Orders, and Bank Checks*. Do not send cash.
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One Piece
Striker with
flared tip
Custom Calls
Newly Designed Trough Calls*- $55.00  
 and up.

This newly designed trough call not only looks             
attractive, but sounds even better than it looks.            
Reproduces all the sounds of a real hen.
Ceramic Pot Call* -  $60.00 and up   
This new playing surface can play loud or soft.             
Extremely sharp cuts and fast breaking yelps.  This      
call can be described as a cross between a slate and    
an aluminum.