Hello Folks,

My name is Jimmy Schaffer.   I am a custom cabinetmaker by
trade and an  avid hunter.  I have been fortunate to have lived
in the country all of my life,   where hunting is a
way of life.  

My first attempt to build a turkey call was about 15 years ago.  I'll admit it                                     
wasn't too pretty.  Since then I have researched, tweaked, and                                                     
experimented  with different woods, techniques and styles.  When I finally                                   
got one to "talk  turkey"  I took it into the woods with me and tried it out.  I                                    
took a nice long beard that day, and I was hooked. I haven't touched a                                        
store bought call since.    I have killed many turkeys, in many states, year                                    
after year using my custom calls.    I gave calls to my friends and they                                          
have had great success too!  

So here we are.  My goal is to make the most realistic sounding call                                             
available.  And I feel that I have accomplished that.  I personally build every                                 
call one at a time,   using only the finest woods and materials available.  If a                                
finished call doesn't "talk turkey", you can be assured it won't leave the                                        
shop.  If I won't use it, you shouldn't either.  Judges seem to agree.   I am                                    
proud to have taken several awards in The National Wild Turkey Federation
(NWTF) Callmaking competitions.

I have donated custom calls to organizations such as; Ducks  Unlimited,
NWTF Banquets, United Bow Hunters of Pennsylvania,  as well as local church
and school functions.    

If you are not 100% happy with one of my calls, send it back.    I will replace                                
it, or refund your money.  

Thank you for considering my calls.  Please call me if you have any questions,                           
or just want to talk turkey.
                            Jimmy Schaffer
973-208-9029  Shop
973-479-3690  Cell                           
Proud Member
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