NWTF Midwest Callmakers Competition

Hunting Division:
Category 1:  Hunting Calls – Short Box
      1st place:            Jerry Zebro            
      2nd Place:            Tim Bullock
      3rd Place            Jerry Zebro
      4th Place HM            Scott Berry
      5th Place HM             Kevin Poeschel
      6th Place HM            Tim Bullock            

Category 2:  Hunting Calls – Long Box
      1st place:            Tim Bullock
      2nd Place:            Tony Quarino
      3rd Place            Bob Brenner
      4th Place HM            Larry Scheidegger
5th Place HM             Scott Berry
6th Place HM            Rod Pope

Category 3:  Hunting Calls – One sided box
      1st place:            Rick White
      2nd Place:            Tony Quarino
      3rd Place            Paul Bohler
      4th Place HM            Rick White
5th Place HM             Tim Bullock
6th Place HM            Russell O. Koxlien

Category 4:  Hunting Calls – Box Calls – Matched Sets
      1st place:            Jerry Zebro
      2nd Place:            Bob Brenner
      3rd Place            Tony Quarino
      4th Place HM            Terry Baker            

Category 5:  Friction – Open (trough, push-pin, terrapin)
      1st place:            Jim Shelley
      2nd Place:            Jim Shelley
      3rd Place            Danny Simpson
   4th Place HM            Jimmy Schaffer
5th Place HM            Jimmy Schaffer
6th Place HM             Everett Drury

Category 6:  Hunting Calls – Friction Pot Style – Slate and Striker
      1st place:            Clint Corder
      2nd Place:            Bill D. Barker
      3rd Place            Clint Corder
4th Place HM            Jimmy Schaffer
5th Place HM            Dave Tyree
6th Place HM             Chuck Wais

Category 7:  Hunting Calls – Friction Pot Style – Glass and Striker
      1st place:            Gary Anderson
      2nd Place:            Lon Trice
      3rd Place            Dave Tyree
      4th Place HM            Michael Holland
5th Place HM            Jim Shelley
6th Place HM             Bill D Barker

Category 8:  Hunting Calls – Friction Pot Style – Open
      1st place:            Gary Anderson
      2nd Place:            Chuck Wais
      3rd Place            Lon Trice
      4th Place HM            Lon Trice
5th Place HM            Steve Morgenstern
6th Place HM             Buddy Stang

Category 9:  Hunting Calls – Turned Trunpet Style Yelper
      1st place:            Jack “Pappy” Lewis
      2nd Place:            Brian Mero
      3rd Place            Kevin Poeschel
      4th Place HM            Danny K Wells
5th Place HM            Chris Wall
6th Place HM            Mike Richards  
Category 10:  Hunting Calls – Wingbone, Cane and Other Material
      1st place:            Jim McNeil
      2nd Place:            Scott Berry
      3rd Place            Rev Mike Almond
      4th Place HM            Robert Balaam
5th Place HM            Andy Snair
6th Place HM             Mike Richards
Category 11:  Hunting Calls – Tube Calls
      1st place:            Greg Cooley
      2nd Place:            Mike Richards
      3rd Place            Don Bald
      4th Place HM            Greg Cooley
5th Place HM            Rick White
6th Place HM             Chris Wall

2011 Outstanding Rookie Call Maker of the Year – Hunting Division

                  Jim McNeil

Best of Class I – Box Calls      (Categories 1 thru 3) – Neil Cost Award

                           Jerry Zebro

Best of Class II – Friction Calls (Categories 5 thru 8)  Pap Nelson Award

                  Gary Anderson

Best of Class III – Air Operated Calls (Categories 11 thru 14)

                  Jim McNeil

2011 Midwest Master Call Maker of the Year – Hunting Division

                              Jerry Zebro